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Filosofía - Auditores Valencianos Asociados


Auditores Valencianos Asociados

Professional independence, confidentiality and the technical competence of our staff are core values of our philosophy and are recognized by our customers.

This potential human and technical means available, allow us to guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency in the delivery of our Professional Services. Our staff is the best and most important asset that we dedicate unwavering attention, with training programmes to update their knowledge and enhance their capabilities.

Our company philosophy, which focuses on the continuous improvement of human relations and professional assessor-auditor, does not forget the need to master the computer-based techniques. Specialists of our organization to use computer software for Audit and Analysis of Financial statements, that allow you to treat complex problems or important volume, saving time and money for our clients.

Our firm and its professionals belong to the following professional corporations and associations:

– Institute of chartered accountants (ICJC), which is one of the three corporations audit professionals in Spain.
– The Spanish association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA), which carries out studies in the fields of principles and rules of accounting, organization and systems, business valuation, and accounting management.
– Registration of expert accountants (REC).
– Record of Economists, Auditors (REA).