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Auditoría - Auditores Valencianos Asociados



Full Audit
Examination of the annual accounts of a company, made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, in order to determine if they represent the true picture of the assets, of the financial position and the results of their operations in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. 

Review of the Limited Range – Diagnostic Test
Analysis of the main accounts of the balance sheet of an entity, with a special emphasis on those which, by their nature, condition or determine the economic performance of a company or entity.

Reviews of Business (Due Diligence & Business Reviews)
Is to facilitate the client who hired us a coherent and focused on your needs, that will help you in your evaluation of the company object of examination-or a part of it, typically in connection with a major transaction, in order to increase the knowledge about the target company, the business, their key success factors and their strong and weak points.

In this type of work, emphasis is placed on the problems and the potential opportunities and provides information about fundamental issues in the transaction (accounting, legal, economic and tax).

Financial Audit
Your goal is to determine if the financial statements of an entity or public body is well-presented according to the principles of accounting and budgetary management of the public resources that are applicable, as well as to assess the administrative systems, accounting and financial control of the entity.

Audit Management
It seeks to assess the degree of compliance on the part of the entity's objectives, as well as to evaluate the degree of economy and efficiency in the management of human resources, financial and material, and in particular, the performance and productivity; duplication of efforts; detection of functions, units, or unnecessary tasks; to compare the benefits and costs of the proceedings and procedures; and to assess suitability, the excess or deficiency of staff.

The management of the agency audited is analyzed in function of a triple-axis of analysis of effectiveness, efficiency and economy in the provision of services and in the use of resources both human and materials available for the performance of their activity goals.

Compliance audit of the Legality
Is performed in order to verify if the public entity to comply with the law in force in the management of public resources and the standards of performance applicable general.

Other Services

– Advice on policies and systems consolidation of financial statements.
– A review of systems of internal control, determining their adequacy and effectiveness. Fraud investigation.
– Assistance in the preparation of the annual accounts.
– Design and adaptation of plans, accounts.
– Review of financial information or specific transactions.
– Advice and technical assistance in the creation and development of the department of internal audit and staff training.
– Preparation of manuals of procedures for internal administrative and accounting.
– Review, or assistance in the preparation of budgets and financial statements projected.
– Expert performances.
– Interventions in processes concúrsales.
– Subsidies from Regional Incentives and other.
– Annual statement of Containers.
– Certified Accountants.